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Synergie Mineral Makeup for Australian Women

The best looking sunscreen a woman can wear!

Synergie Minerals is designed to work in perfect "Synergy" with your skin, offering powerful antioxidants to nurture and improve skin health, natural broad spectrum UV protection and amazing results.

The Synergie Philosophy

Synergie Minerals was founded and developed by Australian biological scientist Terri Vinson BSc, who was quite disillusioned with the makeup currently available on the market for Australian women. Terri became passionate about creating a range that could produce flawless results that would actually benefit the skin. Her mission was to develop a quality, toxin free range that offers the highest level of sun protection, superior antioxidants and no harmful or irritating ingredients.


What sets Synergie Minerals apart?

Synergie Minerals contains over 50% zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (compared to less than 25% in leading other brands on the market). This provides chemical -free broad spectrum protection.

Contains no harmful, or artificial ingredients, such as talc, clay or harsh dyes and is free of chemical additives.

Zinc oxide has natural healing properties, which helps calm and reduce redness in irritated skin. It is also very soothing for post laser / IPL / microdermabrasion / peel treatment and acne skins.

Synergie Minerals contains only natural and organic ingredients, which are 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Synergie represents the ultimate make up and skin partnership, which was developed to deliver the most natural enhancement to every woman. Unlike many skin and beauty ranges, Synergie was created and formulated by an Australian woman, for Australian women!

Synergie Minerals contains only natural and organic ingredients, which are 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Basic Key Products to achieve a flawless look without any nasty side affects!


Skin Crush Loose Mineral Foundation 

Works like a second skin. It is a foundation, sunscreen and concealer in one product. Formulated with the purest blend of earth minerals Synergie's loose minerals offer flawless coverage, broad-spectrum sun protection and is a true extension of your skin care routine. Your skin will appear luminous with superior lasting cover. The anti-inflammatory properties of zinc oxide make Synergie loose minerals perfect for acne and irritated skin.

Suitable for all skin types and tones, Synergie minerals provides either a silky sheer veil of cover with a single layer, or a more opaque 'photo-shoot' look with several layers. The Kabuki brush ensures even coverage. A quick spray with Hydrosprtiz and the minerals are set for the day.


Mineralwhip Antioxidant Cream Foundation 

Provides long lasting flawless coverage, with high UV protection and cosmeceutical ingredients that benefit the skin throughout the day. The combination of key ingredients including Zinc Oxide, Beta Glucan, Sea Buckthorn oil, Gotu Kola and Rose Hip oil help stimulate collagen production, promote healing and contain antioxidants to reverse free radical cell damage. This beautiful, full coverage foundation contains natural minerals and botanicals without any potentially harmful additives. An exceptional foundation and comes in five exotic shades which can be simply applied to the skin with the Synergie Minerals foundation brush. Flawless results that actually benefit the skin.



Used to deepen the tone of your base minerals or as a standalone product, Synergie minerals bronzer's silky sheer formula will give you a luminous glow all year around. Apply with the Kabuki brush. Available in medium and dark.



Fortified with a synergistic blend of potent antioxidants such as green tea, apple extract and pomegranate, Hydrospritz does two jobs in one. It is both a setting agent for your mineral foundation and a powerful skin care product. It draws moisture into the skin and infuses anti ageing and free radical fighting ingredients throughout the day.

We love the Synergie range so much we also stock all of Synergie Minerals eye enhancement products, blushes, lip-glosses, lipsticks, brushes and mascara for all Smart Australian Women that only want to use the best, safest and most beautiful makeup on their precious skin! We promise it will maximise your appearance and accentuate your best features.

Come in today for YOUR very own MakeUp Taste, and feel and experience the difference!